Outdoor training element made of structure of zinc-plated steel with double layer of powder-coating oven-cured. Central post of steel tube Ø140x3mm. Movable parts of steel tube Ø60×2,75mm. Equipped inside with elastic stoppers to delimit the movement’s amplitude.
Element for concrete installation according to EN16630. Perfect for urban gyms at public parks.

FUNCTION: Strengthens the leg muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings and calves) and gluteals. Improves the mobility, the coordination and the cardiorespiratory endurance.

USE: Hold with both hand on the bar and rise on the footboards. Before starting ensure to keep a balanced position. Keeping the back straight, move one leg forward and at the same time move the other leg back. Alternate the legs in a regular frequency, like running.
Let your legs oscillate in a natural way. You can regulate the effort adjusting the amplitude and the frequency of the oscillating movement. Realise several series of some minutes.

PRECAUTION: Consult your doctor before realising this exercise. Avoid excessive force when using this equipment.

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Category Normativa EN-16630

Recommended Age
+12 years
Safety Area (m2)
HIC (cm)

*Structure: Steel, zinc-plated and double layer of powder-coating, oven cured 

*Footrests: Steel, zinc-plated and powder-coated

*Anchor coverage: Aluminium

*Screws: Stainless and galvanised steel, anti-rust paint


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