About us

More than 30 years imagining, designing and creating rural and urban spaces to play and enjoy in all phases of your life

In our facilities in Albalat dels Sorells (Valencia), we focus on developing the best children’s playgrounds, sports equipment and urban furniture and thanks to our team, we provide national and international coverage.

In Mobipark we contribute to improve people’s health, well-being and fun, helping to create a responsible society, inviting them to play and enjoy the outdoors.

Our values
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We register our Carbon Footprint and our objectives are aligned with the Global SDGs. In addition, we promote the Circular Economy, using recycled and recyclable materials and encourage responsible consumption, extending the durability of our products.

We have a preference for local suppliers, promoting circular economy, and we only use high quality raw materials to manufacture products of the upmost quality.

We focus on the originality and functionality of our designs, creating inclusive and safe play spaces, as shown by the certifications of all our elements. We also adapt the products to the particular needs of clients and users, creating unique and customizable projects.

Childhood is the center of all our play areas. Inclusion, child development and, of course, fun are the basis of all our projects. In the same way, we want to promote healthy living and outdoor exercise whatever the condition or age.

In short, at Mobipark we create relationships between people by studying the environment and the needs of each area, adapting our products to them and creating unique spaces.

Our services

Can we help you?

In Mobipark we work hard every day to offer you an integral service, creating together new environments.

Personalized Support

We focus on understanding the real needs of the area and suggest the solutions that can properly adapt to them.

Design and Customization

We focus on originality, safety and inclusion; we create completely unique products and areas.

Manufacture and Assembly

We manufacture all our products with the highest standards, focusing on the quality of the materials used and the finished products.

Installation and Maintenance

We execute the tasks related to the final installation, as well as the associated maintenance tasks in order to extend the durability of our zones.

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We adopt procedures in our activities to ensure the effective operation of the Quality Management systems in accordance to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Annually we are audited to certify the processes, materials, measures and other characteristics of our products are designed and manufactured based on European standards.

All our products are certified according to European standards:

  • PLAYGROUNDS: UNE-EN 1176:2018 Playground equipment and surfaces.
  • MULTISPORT TRACKS: UNE-EN 15312:2007 Free access sports equipment.
  • CALISTENICS ELEMENTS: UNE-EN 16630:2015 Fixed outdoor physical training equipment.

In its commitment to sustainability, Mobipark, among other measures to combat climate change, carries out Environmental Management in accordance to ISO 14001.

In the same way, it annually carries out the Carbon Footprint Register, which allows us to know the total amount of gases emitted to the atmosphere by direct or indirect effect and work to reduce it.

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