Themed multi-set inspired by a medieval fortification. Manufactured with 95x95mm section aluminium posts with complex profile, with EN-AW6063 alloy, heat treatment and anodised finish. Floor platforms in non-slip phenolic plywood with anti-humidity protection. Large, eye-catching two-colour HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) panels with recycled HDPE core. Four polyethylene slides and one stainless steel inclusive slide. Stainless steel bars. Anti-vandal polypropylene ropes reinforced with braided steel core. Stainless steel/galvanised screws. Installation by means of hot-dip galvanised steel anchor sockets.
Set made up of a total of 6 towers, including a tower with a base of 2.30m x 2.30m and a total height of 8m, 4 towers of 6.50m in height and one of 5m in height. Lower platforms of the multi-game protected by handrails and panels. Upper platforms completely closed to the outside. Towers linked by rigid walkways with stepped platforms, a 2m long tunnel passage, a rope tunnel and three different suspension bridges. Lower part of the fortification and inner courtyard fully accessible and inclusive.

Themed and social activities (dungeons with benches, tube telephone that communicates with the upper level, photocalls, various panels with 3-in-a-row, letter soup, medieval races and storytelling, swing-hammock, etc.) for role-playing, cognitive and communication games. Access to higher levels with greater physical challenges of varying degrees of difficulty: stepped platforms, an inclined climbing net, two vertical ladders and four climbing walls. Descents using the same climbing elements, two double fireman’s bars and 5 slides: two spiral tube slides with exit heights of 3.10m and 1.90m, one 2.50m slide and one 2.50m slide.
2.50m straight tube slide, a 0.90m straight open slide and a 0.58m extra wide inclusive slide with access via a transition platform. Design, fortified cladding and original details (portico, loopholes, battlements, flags, cannons, shields,…) with a
medieval theme. Customisable coat of arms. Product certificate according to the UNE-EN 1176:2018 standard by a certifier accredited by ENAC. Manufacturing company with ISO 9001, ISO14001 certification and Carbon Footprint Register.

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Category Normativa EN-1176

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+3 years
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