Multi-activity play structure formed by two towers with platforms 90x90cm and platform height 0,90m. The structure offers complete stability and safety. The towers are connected by an arched bridge with protective safety barriers. One of the towers is equipped with a balcony. Access via stairs with protection bar and closed back panel. Descent via a slide which disposes also of a protection bar. The play structure includes two activity panels, one with photocall and the other with hourglass and in the lower part of the towers two refuge zones protected by panels and equipped with benches insinuating depending on role play dungeons or pleasant places of retreat.
Decoration with merlons and other original details realised by themed engravings and superimposed panels. Play structure made of high quality materials, great resistance, long durability and low maintenance. Screws made of galvanised / stainless steel and hidden by nylon coverings. Installation of the posts with ground sleeves of hot-dip galvanised steel.

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Categories , Normativa EN-1176

Recommended Age
+1 year
HIC (cm)

* Estructura Aluminio EN-AW 6063, anodizado

* Paneles HDPE (Polietileno de alta densidad) de 13 y 19 mm.

* Deslizadores Acero inoxidable 90 cm.

* Plataformas y peldaños Contrachapado fenólico antideslizante de 15 y 18 mm.

* Barras Acero inoxidable

Ficha Técnica
Plano HIC
Plano Cad