There are so many different slides to enjoy: large slides, wide slides, fast slides, helical slides, water slides, even slides for skiers…

Slides are amongs the most exciting playground facilities for children (and for adults!). With slides the children can experience the fun of taking speed and glide.

Slides can be built in many ways: as individual playground item with access via steps or stairs or annex to a playground structure as tower slide, directly on a hill as embankment slide, even as an alternative descent in a building.


Who uses stairs having a slide?

It’s getting more and more popular to mount slides in private houses, companies and public buildings to connect two floors. The slide on the picture is a helical tube slide with a height of more than 5 metres. It has been installed by Mobipark at a company’s site at Moncada (Valencia).

red helical slide inside of a building

Could you imagine that there is any faster or funnier way to go downstairs than by sliding?


At present, when playgrounds are integrated in the natural environment, embankment slides are on the rise. The majority of embankment slides are made of stainless steel and are installed on a hill with turf or an embankment with surfacing of colourful in situ safety floor.

metal slide on embankment of wooden boards

Installation at the new leisure area at gorge of Picassent (Valencia)


Slides than seem to be living

With the slide “The Snake which forms part of Zoopark collection, children playgrounds can be converted into a jungle or primeval forest in the middle of a town.

children playing with a slide which has the form of an animal

Installation at West Park (“Parque del Oeste”, Valencia)


Looking like coming from another planet, the monster slide of MONSTERS playground collection inspires any kindergarten, nursery school or public park.

little girl playing with a slide

In addition to the already mentioned slides, also Mobipark’s little slide Rampeta” and the big slideRampa are composed of the platform and the sliding sole formed of one single piece made of stainless steel and side panels made of high density polyethylene in order to offer complete stability and safety. Furthermore they are conceived for different age ranges to have for everybody the correct slide.

Slides even to hop on the subway!

The entrance of a metro station, the usual stairs and moving stairs and next to it… a large red slide. Volkswagen initiated a campaign named “The Fun Theory” and realised an experiment at a metro station of a busy city. They invited the passengers to use “The Fast Lane”, being in motion and much faster than with the moving stairway.

Which way would you choose?