All habits, both good ones and bad ones, settle during the infancy and adolescence.

Habits of physical activity and healthy lifestyles acquired during childhood are more likely to keep up over life time.

So the improvement of physical activity of children is essential for their future health.

Physical activity also has been associated with beneficial mental effects in youth,

thanks to a better control of anxiousness and strengthening of self-confidence.

Physical activity can also contribute to social development of the children, giving an opportunity to express oneself and encouraging

social interaction and integration. Also can be stated that active adolescents adopt easier other healthy habits like avoiding smoking, alcohol and drug usage

and they achieve better school performance.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Spanish Ministry of Health and Education develop recommendations subject to the age of the children

about which activities to do with them to maintain a healthy life as an adult.



Objective: Stimulate their senses and movements, activate the reflexes.

Physical activities: Foster the movement by playing on the ground or at a very low height. Boost the senses and the balance.

Frequency: Several times a day, but of short duration.

Important: The activities have to be fun without forcing the baby. Keep steady contact with the child to interact directly with him/her.


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MOBIPARK offers a whole range of products conceived for PLAYING and EARLY STIMULATION of toddlers which offers,- respecting children’s short age,- ideal conditions for potentizing their learning in a playful, enjoyable and safe ambience.

Moreover, at Mobipark you find swings with Koala seat, babies’ safety seat, nest seats, slides of little height and many other play devices to prepare your playground for the toddlers.




Objective:  Foster their senses and coordination skills. Establish habits which prevent sedentariness.

Physical activities:  Structured and free play at any intensity level. Develop basic coordination: sliding – balance – running – jumping – turning – swinging – brachiating – climbing – …

Frequency: Aim for being active at least three hours throughout the day.

Important: The children copy the adults around them, therefore parents play a chief part avoiding themselves as far as possible sedentariness.


MOBIPARK places at your disposal a large variety of playground equipment  to foster motor skills and PSYCHOMOTOR DEVELOPMENT while playing.


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Up to 3-4 years, MONSTERS collection offers ideal conditions for developing toddlers’ senses of touch, sight, balance and orientation.

They get to know better their own body, strengthen their muscles and improve their coordination while they are playing.

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From 3 years onwards, playing devices may be more challenging because the children seek continuously their limits. Development happens while playing.

Climbing structures, balance equipment, springers, swings, towers and multi-activity play structures with different level of difficulty are the best incentives.

Imagination and role playing gain in importance and can be performed e.g. in the Shop Playhouse or the Star combination.



Objective: Foster psychomotricity, socialization and affectivity. Consolidate habits which prevent sedentariness.

Physical activities: Playing and sports.

Frequency: At least 60 min. per day.

Important: Prevent excessive usage of displays (game consoles, TV, tablets,…).


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Mobipark conceived especially for this age range Zoopark collection, full of challenges and fun.

Moreover, we offer you a variety of themed playground elements like The Frigate or The Castle, climbing structures and

  dynamic elements, p.e. Revolving climging tower, Icarus or Stand-up carousel.



Objective: Improve cardiovascular resistance, musculature and coordination. Consolidate healthy habits.

Physical activities: Playing, active transport, sports.

Frequency: At least  60 min. per day.

Important: During adolescence, generally physical activity decreases, particularly at the girls, much less than the recommendations. Do everything in your power to avoid that this happens.


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At Mobipark, we know about the changed needs of teenagers and offer a whole product line of interactive kinetic games.

They work with human powered energy and create fantastic meeting places to hang along with friends.

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Adolescents, who have a dog, can enjoy their leisure time together with their pet in one of our Dog agility courses.

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During adolescence, the youth look after the changes of their appearance. It’s important that they develop a healthy consciousness towards their body,

since the self-perception may be altered by the communication media.

Regarding this aspect, SPORT IS VERY POSITIVE: it strengthens the self-confidence and makes that the youth get to know better their body and

improve their physical capacities.

With Trainingbox, Mobipark creates spaces where young people can do multiple sport activities,- free of charge and outdoors.




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