Accessible sand digger.

This sand digger has been conceived so that also wheelchair users can utilize it and participate actively in the sand play. Therefore, the digger has to be installed in the solid soil on the edge of the sand zone and it has to be assured that the way to reach the digger may be realised on wheelchair accessible floor. The sand digger is also operable while standing so that inclusion and participative playing between children without and with functional diversity is fostered.

The digger’s axis is rotatable. Arms and shovel are moveable. The digger is a kids magnet as they can actively move something and see the results of their effort. To control the shovel the eye-hand coordination is encouraged. The children will soon understand cause and effect and improve their coordination.

The whole structure is welded and has no plastic endings, except for bearing connections where there’s the possibility of repair of individual parts. Joints are additionally protected with spray zinc. M16 anchor nuts secured against unscrewing.

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Category Normativa EN-1176

Recommended Age
+2 years
HIC (cm)
Safety Area (m2)

* Foundation pole Tube of Ø88,9x3,2mm and Ø60,3x3,2mm made of black steel S235/S355 galvanized and powder-coated

* Handles and arms Steel tube of Ø26,9x2,9mm, galvanized and powder-coated

* Bucket Stainless steel

* Seat Flexible PU material

Technica Data Sheet
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