Inclusive playground combination conceived so that children of different ages and different abilities can interact and play together. The dimensions of ramp, platforms and entry gate are designed to enable wheelchair users to move freely without obstacles, and all activities are placed at an accessible height. Nevertheless, this playground combination is not exclusively for children with reduced mobility, but promises a lot of fun for all who want to play.

Play structure in form of a SPACE STATION, composed of ramp, spacious platforms, playhouse, slides and diverse play facilities all along the structure where the children can let their imagination to run free:

– Command centre: hexagonal playhouse at the centre of the space platform with many devices to manipulate the space operations (curved lines with moveable parts to drive the space shuttle, revolving spiral discs and manipulation gearwheels, rotatable cylinders X-O [3-in-a-rwo], moveable rings in different colours [abacus], warning and control sounds [xylophone].

– The command centre is surrounded by spacious platforms.

– Access ramp with special width, hardly inclination, nonslip floor, protection kerb and double handrails on both sides fulfils the requirements of accessibility for all and offers complete safety. Apart from the access for children in wheelchairs, the ramp brings also a lot of fun to children without disability who can run up and down.

– Emergency exit: Creep tube which joins an annex tower with evacuation slide. In the role-playing the annex tower can be the space shuttle and the creep tube the coupling connection to the space platform. At this tower we find a panel with the command/control language (sign language).

– A second annex slide with the same height as the other slide (0,58m) but extra wide which allows children with reduced mobility to slide down together with somebody else.

– This slide is accessible via a transition platform where children with wheelchairs may transfer from their wheelchair to the play structure. It’s equipped with diverse handles in order to facilitate a lot of possibilities to hold on.

– An astronaut panel, race labyrinths and two instruments to measure the energy level or counting down until the take-off [sand timer] complete the play combination.

Aside from creating with the play structure a meeting place for the children, the play combination stimulates the different senses and fosters communication and socialization.



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Category Normativa EN-1176

Recommended Age
+1 year
Safety Area (m2)
HIC (cm)

*Structure Laminated Swedish pinewood autoclave treated

*Ramp and Platforms Phenolic nonslip plywood 15 and 18 mm.

*Lateral and Roof panels  HDPE (High-density polyethylene) 13 and 19 mm.

*Sliding soles Stainless steel 58cm

*Bars and Railings Stainless steel




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