Municipality of Nigran renovates integrally three playgrounds at the localities A Ramallosa, Camos and Panxon.

At Panxon’s playground has been installed a 6m-high climbing pyramid, which is part of municipalities’ improvement based on the Pontevedra’s county council’s plan for the municipalities.

Apart from the climbing pyramid, Panxon got a 25m-long cableway and several new swings with inclusive swing’s seat and with novel “Koala” seats where toddlers enjoy swinging accompanied by a parent or an older child.

2017 12 14 renovacion parques infantiles nigran 02

Municipality of Nagran soon will realise the renovation of two other playgrounds in the centre of A Ramallosa and near to the cultural centre of Camos.

Thanks to the aim of the project “One Nigran for every one”, the old used up playground devices will be replaced by new structures as “Baby-Tube”, inclusive playground element “The Boat” and “The Horses”.


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