What is a Pumptrack?

It’s a track for wheeled sports equipment formed by waves which brings physical activity with a lot of fun.

As the name ‘Pump-Track’ indicates, the track, once reached the riding speed, when ridden properly does not require pedalling or pushing, but a “pumping” action on the rises and descents of the waves to maintain the ride.

niña en bicicleta sobre pista pumptrack   niña skater sobre pista pumptrack

Who can ride on Pumptracks?

Pumptracks are for all wheels, all ages, all abilities!

It doesn’t matter if on bike, skateboard, scooter or inline skates, pumptracks are suitable for all wheels. The younger users gain riding skills and confidence. Advanced riders can refine their technique. There’s no age limit on fun!

gente sobre pista pumptrack   hombre haciendo acrobacias sobre pista pumptrack

What are the benefits of a pumptrack area?

HIGH ATTRACTION and COST EFFECTIVENESS – Pumptracks are outstandingly suitable to attract users and reactivate spaces.

VERSATILITY – Pumptracks are sport zones for a large user group. They can be simultaneously enjoyed by cyclists, skateboarders, scooter riders and inline-skaters.

COMMUNITY CREATION – Pumptracks create a community environment by providing the fun to a vast population, bridging the generation gap between age groups.

Advantages of Pumptracks – Asphalt or modular pumptracks?

Municipalities which substitute worn off skate parks or create a new area in parks or unused spaces, need to undertake an investment. They wonder if it’s better to realise the project with a dirt pumptrack, an asphalt pumptrack o a modular pumptrack. Without a doubt, all of them are valid.

While dirt or asphalt pumptracks need an elaborated process for the preparation of the terrain with excavation, earth moving, compaction and in case of asphalt pumptracks still the asphalting, modular pumptracks are quick to install:

COSTS: Modular pumptracks are less expensive because of their prefabricated nature. In addition, the yearly cost of maintaining one of our modular pumptracks are significantly lower than any other build method.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Our modular system is built in a controlled environment where each piece undergoes a rigorous quality inspection.

SAFETY CERTIFICATE: Traditional build methods are difficult to certify while our modular tracks already dispose of the certificate in compliance with the safety norm EN14974 (“Facilities for users of roller sports equipment”).

EXPANDABILITY: Having the possibility to expand a structure within a dynamic recreation facility or within a growing community is fundamental.

How much space is needed? Can the tracks be customized?

We offer different rideable lengths and shapes in order to have the perfect model for any space requirements. Around the pumptrack you need 2m space free from obstacles for the safety of the users.

Beside of the dimensions, customers can choose between equipment possibilities and colour options for the riding surface.

Discover the various models and characteristics in order to learn more about this exciting activity.