In the Declaration of the Rights of the Child it’s stated the right of any child to play, to childhood’s carefreeness and to join in leisure activities. It’s not acceptable to keep children from playing due to physical, psychic, cognitive or social difficulties, amongst others.

Therefore, Mobipark developed an inclusive carousel. This roundabout is conceived for joint playing, so that children with and without disabilities can play together.

At Mobipark, we respect the individuality and diversity of each one so that all children can play. With playgrounds that provide inclusive playground equipment we contribute to the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of every child and facilitate in a natural way the interaction between children with different abilities.



Our new inclusive carousel is a barrier-free roundabout. The carousel is built in ground floor in order to permit children in wheelchairs to access easily to the carousel’s platform. The carousel disposes of a place for one wheelchair and of two benches. Spinning with this roundabout incites the children to interact one with another and creates an inclusive atmosphere for playing together.

 inclusive carousel

Inclusive carousel: FUN FOR ALL


Mobipark’s carousel disposes of a large spinning platform of diameter 2 metres and can be used by up to 9 children simultaneously sitting and/or stand-up.

It’s a cooperative game where everybody gets involved.

Our inclusive carousel is made of a superior structure of stainless steel and a substructure of hot-dip galvanized steel. The platform and the seats are made of non-slip HPL (high pressure laminate, and the decorative panels are made of HDPE (high density polyethylene).

 inclusive carousel

The carousel is put into effect form outside!


In order to avoid any possible pinching spots between the spinning platform and the surface around, the carousel is provided with a substructure with fix border. This guarantees the correct distance according to the requirements of the safety norm EN1176.


 inclusive carousel

Let’s have fun and spin on the roundabout!