As a child, we did all a lot of role play without being aware of it. Thanks to children’s playhouses we have been playing shopping, “mummies and daddies”, dress-ups, being superheroes, playing flying on the moon to name a few. Children do role playing better than anybody: When they play pretend, they create imaginative situations, they play out the characters they want to be, they play out a story and immerse in it,- and they play “as if” the roles and the scenery are real.

That is why pretend play (other names: imaginative play, fantasy play, role play, symbolic play) is so important for the development of the children. They create fantasy situations which help them to achieve new conducts, to mature and to face in the future real situations.

Wooden playhouses and huts provide fantastic opportunities to play out exciting roles.

There are children’s playground playhouses for a wide age range, adapting to the children’s physical requirements and to their play demand.



Playhouses for everybody!

The Shop-Playhouse and the “Pagoda” Playhouse are examples of wooden playhouses with colourful HDPE panels and a lot of details that build an atmosphere where children give free rein to their imagination and play out thousands of adventures.

children playing in a wooden playhouse girl in a snow-covered wooden playhouse

Another playhouse is Mobipark’s Inclusive Activity Playhouse, a hexagonal pergola-like meeting place with diverse activity play panels that stimulate cognitive and sensory abilities, communication and socialization. All of its play panels are arranged at an adapted height so that children and adults with reduced mobility can use it, too. Classic games as the “3-in-a-row”, labyrinths, turning discs and a xylophone (to play your favourite melody!) are some of the elements of this particular wooden playhouse.

wooden playhouse with plenty of playful and inclusive activities wooden playhouse with plenty of playful and inclusive activities

One of our latest novelties of playground MONSTER collection is the playhouse “Magic Hide-Out”, made of structure of stainless steel and colourful HDPE panels. With scenography of adorable monsters, it is conceived for playing and early stimulation of toddlers. Plenty of playful activities stimulate the children’s senses and foster their explorer enthusiasm.

playground playhouse for toddlers

For children as well as for adults who want to be children again for a while, children’s playhouses are one of the play facilities that most foster learning through imagination.

Let’s go on an adventure!