Embankment slide for the new leisure area at gorge of Picassent (Valencia)

In the Valencian municipality has been created a new recreation area for leisure activities, promenades, resting and playing, everything in a familiar atmosphere and very well integrated.

Mobipark has been selected to provide the urban furniture and an extraordinary play device for the new park. It’s an embankment slide (also named: tower slide) which is installed without any further play structure directly on a hill or an embankment.

 embankment slide of stainless steel of width 1m on embankment with wooden surfacing

The embankment slide, made of stainless steel, is of extra width 1m so that children and adults can enjoy sliding together.

Usually, embankment slides are installed on a hill with turf or on an embankment with surfacing of colourful in situ safety floor.

 embankment slides installed with in situ safety floor on embankments, hills or slopes

For the new playground at Picassent also the surfacing around the slide has been customized.

The customer requested the slide for embankment mounting on a surfacing of treated wooden boards which form access steps for the slide and can be used by the children as climbing structure.

The embankment slide ends in a sandbox.

On the other hillside, round timber of diameter 14cm and length 1m have been mounted as stairs for ascending. There’s also a climbing rope of 4m length with knots in order to create a challenge for the children to climb up.

Custom-made projects that include an embankment slide for the playground are more and more common. Mobipark offers you a selection of 2 widths and 4 different lengths to fit your requirements.

wooden door for playground project with embankment slide at Valencia

Apart from the play structure, Mobipark also customized the access door for the project.

The door, which matches with fence Nules, is made of autoclave treated Scandinavian pinewood and additional posterior layer of fungicidal, insecticidal and hydrophobic protective glaze.

The door, formed by two leaves, has a total width of 3,60m in order to permit emergency and maintenance vehicles easy access to the zone.

 wooden cylindrical bin with cover and basket as rural furniture

Bin “Valdelinares” (round, capacity 80l)

Mobipark also supplied numerous benches “Espadan”, bins “Javalambre” and bins “Valdelinares” for the new leisure area at gorge of Picassent.

All the provided rustic urban furniture has been produced of autoclave treated Scandinavian pinewood with posterior protective glaze in order to ensure long durability.