The PIRATE’S GALLEON is a themed multi-activity play structure where children become adventurers on the high seas and let their imagination run free.

It attracts a wide age range and it is ideal for the development of social and emotional abilities (communication, role play, etc.) and the development of physical abilities (motor skills, coordination, agility, strength,…).

Many accessible activities and sensorial experiences make the equipment inclusive so that children with different abilities can play all together.

Materials of high quality, strong resistance, long lifetime and low maintenance.

Structural posts of aluminium EN-AW6063 with anodized finishing.

Bars, slides and creep tube of stainless steel. On demand, slides and creep tube can also be delivered in polyethylene.

Platforms of phenolic nonslip plywood which are weather-resistant thanks to the protective layer anti-humidity.

Panels of HDPE (high density polyethylene) type Playtech, resistant to impacts, to frequent and exhaustive usage, to chemical agents, which allows graffiti elimination without damaging the surface and with UV protection.

Vandal-proof armed ropes of polypropylene strings with steel core.

To obtain a real look, the furled sails are made of PVP canvas. They are out of reach of the users in order to avoid their manipulation.

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PIRATE’S GALLEON, composed for two floors with many activity opportunities

Ground floor

The inner area of the pirate’s galleon is completely accessible and generates a refuge for the pirate kids. Here we can find a porthole with creep tube, two hammock swings and in the corner of the ship’s bow a retreat to sit down. Activity panels with gearing wheels, pairs, labyrinths, 3-in-a-row and a photocall make up the walls of the ship’s cabin. Two tube phones communicate with the ship’s deck.

galeon4Ship’s deck

On deck, there’s the command bridge with navigation table, compass, moveable steering wheels, bell, telescopes and cannons.

The deck platforms are elevated towards bow and stern. Integrated in the deck floor, there’s a horizontal rope net where adventurous kids can cross a shaky ground. In addition, it allows the children from above and below to visually communicate with each other.


Accesses and descents

The access to the deck can be realised in different climbing ways:

by a climbing wall, an inclined rope net, a ladder and a vertical rope chimney.

Apart from the climbing accesses, the pirate’s galleon is provided with a comfortable spiral staircase with stepped platforms in order to allow children with reduced mobility to ascend to the ship’s deck and also parents to accompany younger children.

The descent may be realised through the same access ways or much faster through the “emergency exits”: firemen’s poles, a tube slide of 2m and an open slide of 1,50m.

“For certain, you have to be lost to find a place as can’t be found. Elseways, everyone would know where it was.” – Captain Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean