At Mobipark we are committed to quality and respectful with the environment. That’s why the pinewood and the tropical wood that we employ to produce our wooden benches is exclusively wood with PEFC certification. The PEFC certification attests that the wood is originated from ecologically responsible cultivation.

For the production of our park benches we also use WPC (wood plastic composite), a material with a great ecological benefit: both of its components the wood and the thermoplastic derive from recycling that means beside of the utilization of the recycling, less deforestation.


New generation of urban furniture: WPC Benches

The material called WPC (wood plastic composite) composed of natural fibre (wood) and thermoplastic (polymer) has a 5 times major durability than natural wood. The WPC benches do not produce splinter nor fissuring. They are resistant to insects, woodworm and termites, weather-proof and maintenance-free.

bancos de madera  bancos de madera

bancos de madera WPC benches of product line “Alameda”

Wooden benches made of pinewood

The prime material for the production of our wooden benches comes from sustainable managed forests. Beside of the PEFC certificate, this wood also has the FSC mark (Forest Stewardship Council). This organisation promotes that the manipulation of the world’s forest is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable.


The pinewood receives an autoclave treatment with protection against fungal, insect and termite infestation. It’s ideal for outdoor usage and requires hardly maintenance.

bancos de madera

Wooden bench ”Albarracin” in a rural area


bancos de madera

3m-long Bench “Zaidia” composed of 4 beams


Elegance and sophistication: Wooden benches made of tropical wood

The wood of these benches comes from tropical regions and presents high stability in varying ambiences and extreme climatic conditions. It doesn’t fissure nor putrefies, and its high hardness grants abrasion resistance. Characterized by its gold-maroon colouring, it confers elegance and sophistication to the urban furniture.

 bancos de madera bancos de madera

Exclusive design by Mobipark.

Wooden benches and chairs of product line “Ruzafa” with different finishing.

bancos de madera bancos de madera

Benches of product line “Agora”, with and without backrest

bancos de madera

Bench “Costa” with  con 6 boards of tropical wood

bancos de madera  bancos de madera

bancos de maderabancos de madera

More of Mobipark’s wooden benches

Let’s contribute to make life more sustainable!