Multisport table for a variety of games (mode football, volleyball, tennis, ping-pong and others). Composed of a metal structure with table board of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), reinforced with steel frame. The Multisport table is vandal proof, resistant to impacts, to fire, to frequent and exhaustive usage and it’s easy to clean.
Weatherproof and resistant to UV rays, it’s suitable for permanent outdoor installation. Thanks to its high stability it has a long durability.

The table top is inclined to both ends of the table as a roof style. It’s played with a ball which has to be returned to the other side of the net, like ping-pong, however using different parts of the body to strike the ball.
Even though the players’ ball skills can excellently be trained with the help of the table, the primordial aspect is fun. The users applicate their own rules: how many players will play on each side, which parts of the body may strike the ball, how many ball touches are allowed at each side, how many points to win the match, etc.
The games are high-motion and ensure lots of laughter.

The Multisport table is perfect for municipalities for public green spaces, sport centres, parks, schoolyards and camping sites.

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Recommended Age
+6 years

*Structure: Steel, powder-coated and oven cured

*Table board: Panel of HDPE high density polyethylene

*Net: Steel, zinc-plated and powder-coated