Astronautical themed multi-activity play structure formed by a two-story tower, covered by a shed roof, a slide and a swing annex. Platform of 2x1m at height 1,30m.
The upper floor of the tower comprises a small play hut with two benches, a firemen’s pole and the slide for descending. Access via spiral stairs with circular platforms and with a perforated climbing panel with climbing stones. The lower floor of the tower is completely accessible and includes a refuge zone with bench which is taken as a pleasant place of retreat. Annex single-seated swing with a flat seat, optional available with an inclusive swing’s seat.
Original details such as telescope, spaceman, rocket with transparent bull’s eye, panels with movable parts, star constellations and planets, realised by engravings and superimposed panels, complete the equipment.
Play structure made of high quality materials, great resistance, long durability and low maintenance. Screws made of galvanised / stainless steel and hidden by nylon coverings. Installation of the posts with ground sleeves of hot-dip galvanised steel.

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Categories , Normativa EN-1176

Recommended Age
+3 years
HIC (cm)
Aluminium, Wood
Safety Area (m2)

* Structure (Aluminium) Aluminium EN-AW 6063, anodized

* Structure (Swedish) Laminated Swedish pinewood autoclave treated

*Panels: HDPE (High-density polyethylene)

*Sliding soles: Polietileno 130 cmPolyethylene 130 cm.

*BarsStainless steel

*Swing’s seatShock-absorbing rubber with aluminium insert plate

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