Pergolas are an indispensable element for outdoor spaces. Sunlight and a light breeze are very pleasant, but sometimes, especially on hot days, we are glad about shady places. These architectural elements on the one hand serve as a meeting place and on the other hand provide the shadow and sun protection we are looking for on days of much sun.

There are endless possibilities and types of pergolas of diverse forms and different materials. Generally, common characteristic is their composition of vertical pillars (posts / columns) which support the horizontal main beams. These main beams connect the pillars longitudinally. Transversal crossbeams, which rest on the main beams, complete the pergola’s structure and form at the top an open lattice. Often, creeper plants are used to decorate the pergola, sometimes covering completely the upper part of the pergola.

Mobipark offers a big variety of pergolas, all of them designed for exterior usage. We produce them made-to-measure, adapting in that way the pergola to the place where it will be located. Thanks to the different design models and materials, these structural and architectural elements can be installed as well in urban spaces as in rural areas and integrate perfectly in the respective environment.


Wooden pergolas

These structures are made of autoclave treated Swedish pinewood. Additionally to the autoclave treatment, the wood is treated with two layers of fungicidal, insecticidal and hydrophobic protective glaze with a teak colour finish. Perfect for outdoor spaces!

Rendering of wooden pergola

Pérgola Arábigo


Wooden pergola installed at Gandia (Valencia)

Pergola Pacífico installed recently at Gandia



Small wooden pergola

One module of the Pergola “Adriatico” designed for a small area

Pérgola báltico, one of our metal pergolas

The structure of this pergola is made completely of steel with powder-coating and oven cured finishing. It’s ideal for green areas, providing the desired shadow and creating a comfortable space.

Pergola of steel for green area

Pergolas with mixed structures: a combination of different materials

Resistant structure with elegant design! These pergolas mix the warmth of the wood with the fresh touch of metal.


- Pergola of wood and steel closed to the sea

Pérgola Agora located at a harbour promenade

Pergola of wood and steel for outdoors

Module of Pergola Polifilo

Pergola of wood and steel at a seafront

Pergola Inox at a seafront

Rendering of pergola of wooden beams and iron bars

Modules of Pergola Tirreno


Suitable for any area, pergolas are able to provide shadow for children’s playgrounds, to dress seafronts and promenades, to cover passageways or to create a relax spot in a rushed city.