We start into the New Year with lots of novelties for children’s playgrounds.

What we do not change is the consistently high quality and careful design to ensure sustainable customer satisfaction.

Get to know our new children’s playground equipment!

We would like to present you the playground’s new pets: They will keep you in motion

The Crab, thanks to its easy front access together with the backrest, is an inclusive seesaw-springer while Duo Chameleon and the Gorilla are for seesawing in pairs.

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The new playground pets are always on the move!

New inclusive playground equipment for playing together

Throughout the whole year we develop and extend our range of inclusive playground equipment. All children, irrespective of the capabilities of each one, should be able to play together!

For the younger children, now you can select another Monsters playground combination with transition platform where children with wheelchairs may transfer from their wheelchair to the play structure and an extra wide slide which allows children with reduced mobility to slide down together with somebody else.

monsters 1

Multi-activity play structure with transition platform

Likewise we enlarge the selection of activity panels that are installed at an accessible height, arouse the curiosity and invite to explore by touch, sight and hearing.

Children love turning over the sandglass time and time again in order to observe how its content runs from one side to the other. Depending on the incline the children move the hourglass, the time runs slower or very fast.

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Handle the time

The coming of a new sibling

Toddler swing “Bamboleo Otto” with flexible swing’s seat now can be ordered also with a special baby seat for the youngest visitors of the play area. Toddlers (and parents) can choose, if already experiencing short swinging movements without any help of an adult leaning with the belly on the flexible belt seat or still swinging sitting protected on a baby security seat,- or both.


Toddler swings

Feel the sensation of flying!

Faster, higher, further! Swinging is much fun for the children and creates the stimulating sensation of lightness and flying.

The squabbles about the desired places show that there can never be enough swings at the playground. We have the solution for small play areas where due to lack of space it is not possible to install several swing frames: Combi swing structures!

We offer two configurations: 2 flat seats + 1 nest seat or 2+2 flat seats. Of course, clients can customize their configuration by exchanging one or more flat swing seats for a special baby seat, inclusive swing’s seat and Koala seat.


¡Más novedades!

The new bestseller among the climbing pyramids!

Now you have at your disposal an intermediate size (height 3,75m) which has more play opportunities than the small pyramid and a more affordable price than the large one. Moreover, thanks to the horizontal nets, it only has a maximum free fall height of 0,95m, why in compliance with safety norm EN1176 turf/topsoil is sufficient as attenuating material for the impact area.

Conquering the summit

Spin, spin, spin…!

Mini round-about for one person which is installed with a slight inclination of 50. The rotation is provoked by shifting the weight. With a little practice the children manage to pirouette on their own axis and experience the exciting sensation of the centrifugal force. The deep bowl seat makes turning completely safe and makes the round-about also suitable for children with reduced mobility.


Bowl pirouette


Get to know our new accessories for children’s playgrounds!

New impact protection slabs with patented installation system by cross connectors. The slabs are interconnected among each other which is reflected in a recognizable improvement of the dimensional stability.

In addition to the tests according to norm EN1177 relating to impact protection, this floor covering has been tested on a voluntary basis under the terms of EN-71/3 to the migration of chemical substances in play equipment and to substances hazardous to health PAHs (polycyclic-aromatic hydrocarbons) with a favourable result.

loseta roja

Our playground information panels are now produced with Dibond aluminium composite sheet. Direct printing on the Dibond sheet allows representing the information with more detail than by engraving. It is also possible to customize the panel with the customer’s logo.

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Metal fences in colour are very popular for bordering and protecting playgrounds. That’s why now we offer two types for you to choose the one that fits best for your area.

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Colourful metal fences: Fence “Arcoiris” and fence “Madrid”


Benches free of maintenance

Last not least: now you can get benches which do not need any maintenance! Their resistance and durability convince even the most sceptics.          Their design attracts both children and adults.

Bench NEKO without backrest is ideal to complement playgrounds, schoolyards, green spaces and public areas. For the seating surface you can select between WPC (wood plastic composite) and HDPE (high density polyethylene) in different colours.

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Benches NEKO coloured or with WPC