Get to know Mobipark’s novelties in urban furniture! Thanks to our continuous innovation, we design new products in line with the market: products that effectively meet demand and satisfy the customers’ needs.


Urban furniture in line with the tendency: a bicycle and scooter stand

More and more people use scooters for their daily short but multiple ways. The increasing number of scooters along the streets consequently require solutions to park them in a proper way at the entrances of public buildings, schools, residential buildings, etc. Mobipark therefore conceived three bicycle/scooter stands adapting to the different installation possibilities.


mobiliario urbano, aparcabicicletas-patinetes mobiliario urbano, aparcabicicletas-patinetes

Bicycle/scooter stand “Alboraya”

Multi-purpose bicycle/scooter stand which is suitable for ground and for wall mounting.


 mobiliario urbano, aparcabicicletas-patinetes

Bicycle/scooter stand “Alboraya” with posts

As well as the prior model, this bicycle/scooter stand disposes of a capacity for 6 bikes and/or scooters. Thanks to the posts it can be installed freestanding regardless of available walls.


mobiliario urbano, aparcabicicletas-patinetes

Bicycle/scooter stand “Alboraya” (double-sided) with posts

Designed for its usage from both sides, this bicycle/scooter stand disposes of a capacity for 12 bikes and/or scooters.


Urban furniture: Recycle with us!


mobiliario urbano, papelera reciclaje selectivo

Be cool, recycle on the street and in school!

In order to make recycling easier for everybody, we offer you the appropriate urban furniture for it.

Mobipark’s set of 3 bins with covers in different colours makes it easy to distinguish between the different types of waste to recycle. Ideal for parks and schools!


Functional benefits:

  • The covers made of high density polyethylene have a convex rounded form that prevents the inflow of rain water.
  • Easy emptying: the bins will be unhooked from the post with a triangular wrench.
  • Made of 100% recyclable material!


Vandal-proof, impact-resistant and weather-proof urban furniture:

  • Its vertical grooves avoid fixing stickers on it.
  • The limited opening prevents leaving bulky waste on it.
  • The bins are locked on the post and can only be unlocked with the triangular wrench. The lock avoids the manipulation by persons who are not part of the service people.


Mobipark’s urban furniture series “Alameda” is characterised by the use of WPC (wood plastic composite), a material with a great ecological benefit: both of its components the wood and the thermoplastic derive from recycling that means beside of the utilization of the recycling, less deforestation.

New in the “Alameda” series and already available is now a bin. The bin “Alameda” combines perfectly with the different types of “Alameda” benches and chairs. For the production of bin “Alameda” it’s employed the same material as for the “Alameda” benches: the structure is made of hot-dip galvanised steel and the boards of WPC. And the best: the used materials make this urban furniture maintenance-free!


 mobiliario urbano, papelera de madera técnica mobiliario urbano, papelera de madera técnica