New playgrounds and sport areas in the province of Toledo.

In park “Rio Badiel” have been mounted several “Snake” slides  of Zoopark collection, together with playground combination “The Pine”, seesaw with springs “The Frogs” and several benches “Alameda” made of WPC (wood plastic composite).


15 3 18 parque rio badiel sector 3 toledo 1

The sport area, situated in sector 3, is composed of different Trainingbox elements.

Central training element is the Exercise cage (variant 2) which is conceived especially for Crossfit training and Street Workout. Thanks to its modules and bars at different heights, you can develop a training programme for strength and total physical conditioning, predicated on the improvement of the most important physical abilities.

15 3 18 parque rio badiel sector 3 toledo 3

As complementary elements we find an Exercise bench to strengthen the muscles of the central part of the body and Parallel bars for the workout of the upper part of the body.