New playground in Glorieta Park of Valencian municipality Alberique (Alberic).

The park now disposes of playground devices of the new MONSTERS collection which has been designed especially for playing and early stimulation of toddlers.

22 3 18 parque monsters alberic 1

The combination “Monster Mountain” offers ideal conditions for potentizing

children’s learning while respecting their short age.

22 3 18 parque monsters alberic 4

With scenography of adorable giant monsters, it is composed of three platforms at different level, a slide and various playful activity panels with gear wheel discs to experiment cause-and-effect, a turning disc with bull’s-eye window full of marbles to generate sounds and colourful turning rolls.

22 3 18 parque monsters alberic 2

The Monster Slide is a funny playground element that attracts a lot toddlers’ attention so that they want to slide and slide and slide again.

22 3 18 parque monsters alberic 5

Nonslip steps and the possibilities for holding on steps and on lateral panels allow the toddlers to climb up on all fours on their own.

Great fun while playing and at the same time strengthening the self-confidence in their own abilities!

 22 3 18 parque monsters alberic 3

Up to four children can challenge together to move the ball in the labyrinth’s traces to its centre. This game encourages in a playful manner eye-hand coordination, strategic thinking and team coordination.

22 3 18 parque monsters alberic 6