Autumn is coming and with it a lot of product novelties and restylings which we would like to share with you.

Children’s playgrounds for playing together!

Our playground equipment contributes to the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of every child. It creates an inclusive ambience and facilitates in a natural way the interaction between children with different abilities.

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The new Inclusive Play Structure in form of a Space Station is composed of a ramp, spacious platforms, a playhouse, slides and diverse play facilities all along the structure. The dimensions are designed to enable wheelchair users to move freely without obstacles. Nevertheless, this playground combination is not exclusively for children with reduced mobility, but promises a lot of fun for all who want to play!

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For smaller play areas you can find a new Inclusive Playhouse with various activity play panels and a shop counter for role play. The playhouse disposes of an adequate access so that wheelchair using children can take part in the games.

A challenging Oscillating Walkway stimulates the proprioceptive neuromuscular system so that the users improve their muscle control, balance and coordination.

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Our Activity Panel “Photos” got a cosmic restyling with engravings of a funny astronaut and his space rocket. Now you can role play and pose for pictures as if you were flying in the outer space!

The “Labyrinth” Activity Panel for hand-eye coordination has been completely redesigned. Now, there’s a race track where the children can do car races along the rails. On the reverse side there are turning discs with spiral and gear wheels to experiment cause-and-effect.

Our Activity Panel “Pairs” has been invaded by MONSTERS! It’s possible on both sides of the panel to play connecting different pairs of figures. On one side, adorable little monsters have escaped from children’s playgrounds Monster collection, on the other side you can find animals from the Zoopark collection.

More novelites!

joc 56d 1joc 56d 3

This is the new Multisport Table for a variety of games (modalities of football, volleyball, tennis, ping-pong…). It is weatherproof and resistant to UV rays, ideal for permanent outdoor installation at public green spaces, sport centres, parks, schoolyards and camping sites. The games are high-motion and ensure lots of laughter!

 joc 10e 01  1 joc 10f

Our slides “Rampa” and “Rampeta” got exciting variants: Now you can have both slides (0,90m and 1,30m) also with a more challenging access in form of a ladder made of one single piece of stainless steel.

 joc 98b  joc 98a 2 asientossen

Also our Chessboard and Parcheesi (ludo) tables for outdoors have been modified. Now, the materials are maintenance-free (new seats made of WPC and structure of hot-dip galvanized steel), the tables are easier to transport and optionally they can be supplied with less seats in order to provide space for wheelchair users.

Last but not least, our Playground Information Panel got a signboard of dibond aluminium composite sheet, replacing the former signboard of HDPE with engravings. In this way, the playground information panel can be personalized and added complex images as logotypes.

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