¿Do you already know our Multisport Court? It’s a sports field which can be used for a lot of different sport games (football, mini football, handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, etc.). Doing sports outdoors is very healthy and at once it is fun.

Mobipark’s Multisport court is equipped with robust basketball units of regulatory dimensions (basketball goal ring at 3,05m height). The vandal proof soccer goals which are made of bars of stainless steel, have also regulatory dimensions (2 x 3 metres).

basketball units

Basketball units


Soccer goals with lateral access opening to the court  Soccer goals with lateral access opening to the court

Soccer goals with lateral access openings to the court


Thanks to be modular, the dimensions of the Multisport court can be adjusted to any available space. It’s a sport court which is ideal for municipalities, places, parks and multi-functional sports facilities. It is composed of a structure of stainless steel and of panels of HDPE (high density polyethylene), characterized by being resistant to fire, to impacts, to frequent and exhaustive usage and to UV rays. Moreover, it’s resistant to chemical agents, which allows graffiti elimination without damaging the surface.

Children, adolescents and adults will enjoy the basketball units, soccer goals and the diverse outdoor sport games.

 childrens playing in multisport court Multisport court in a village

Basketball units, tennis net system or mini soccer goals?

A place where you can do different sports! Optionally, the Multisport court can be equipped with posts and a net for volleyball or for tennis. Furthermore, it can be included four mini soccer goals on the longitudinal boarders in order to create two additional fields and to add more fun. It’s also possible to provide side entrances, or as a door or as moved side panels, both accessible for wheelchair users.

multisport court with additional mini soccer goals

Additional mini soccer goals

multisport court with entrance with door  Multisport court with moved side panel

Entrance with door or with moved side panel

The Multisport court is to be installed by surface mounting on a concrete foundation base. The surface finish of the playing field can be realised according to each customer’s demand completely with acrylic paint for concrete surfaces, with a special sports floor covering, artificial turf or others as required. Also the line markings are realised on request according to any sport game of the court.

multisport court with surface finish with acrilyc paint with line markings   multisport court with surface finish artificial turf

Which sport game do we play today?